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Membership benefits


1. Probationary Membership


  • A key to Nordrach Cottage
  • Bunk accomodation at £5 per night
  • Comprehensive kitchen facilities
  • Hot showers
  • The chance to learn how to cave safely
  • Monthly  meets (The first friday of each month, then over the weekend)
  • Saturday Socials at the weekend meets
  • Access to weekday trips
  • BCA (British Caving Association) insurance
  • Lively Newsgroup and Fb groups to make sure you know what's going on
  • Loan of kit until you can afford to buy your own
  • Trips to caves, potholes and mines
  • Digging trips - looking to open up new caves and mines or extend existing ones
  • Learning skills - eg caving knots, climbing skills, laddering, belaying and SRT (Single Rope Technique)
  • Regular newsletters
  • The Christmas Dinner
  • The AGM and Dinner
  • Trips to other parts of the UK
  • Occassional trips abroad


2. Full Membership


There is a minimum probationary period of 6 months, giving new members time to learn cottage routines, care of kit and club procedures


Full members have access to the:-

  • Library
  • Tackle Store
  • Keys for most of the gated Mendip caves
  • The opportunity to be on the MCG Committee


To get full membership status you need to have been a member for at least 6 months. You also neeed to complete a New Members checklist - click here to view 


Please note that we do not assess for any of the formal caving qualifications or award any certificates implying any specific levels of caving competence. 


Membership Enquiry Form




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